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Southern Company efforts to advance STEM education among "Leaders"

<p>As Southern Company moves into the future focused on energy innovation, it is essential that the next generation of employees include the &quot;best and brightest.&quot;</p>
<p>One way to ensure that, writes Chief Information Officer Martin Davis in a new essay, is by supporting STEM - science, technology, engineering and math - education.</p>
<p>Davis' essay is part of the recently-published book &quot;100 CIO/CTO Leaders in STEM,&quot; in which senior corporate executives shared insights on business and innovation from a technology and information perspective. The book was released this month by STEMconnector, a consortium of companies, associations, academic institutions and government entities actively working to advance STEM education and the future of human capital.</p>
<p>&quot;With energy being one of the main engines of our economy, successfully serving customers in this new environment means that we must strengthen an inventive culture and step up efforts to attract the best and brightest employees to our business,&quot; Davis said. &quot;As a company that for more than a century has relied on engineering expertise, we know very well the importance of STEM education. STEM aligns with our core business of providing millions of customers with clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy.&quot;</p>
<p>Davis noted that efforts to reach out to young people and demonstrate to them in meaningful ways the personal and professional benefits of pursuing STEM education are occurring throughout the Southern Company system.</p>
<p>&quot;A diverse, technology-oriented workforce with new skill sets and fresh ideas is critical both to our company and to the nation's future,&quot; Davis said.</p>