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Ongoing dialogue on electric transportation continues with key stakeholders

<p>Southern Company invited stakeholders to Atlanta for a dialogue on accelerating the electric transportation (ET) movement across the United States.</p>
<p>The gathering, which was a follow-up to Southern Company’s annual Stakeholders Forum in Washington, D.C., included representatives from various government, environmental and energy organizations. The diverse group shared ideas with Southern Company leadership including Tom Fanning, chairman, president and CEO, Kim Greene, executive vice president and chief operating officer and Mark Lantrip, president and CEO of Southern Company Services.</p>
<p>“Electric transportation doesn’t work in our footprint if it doesn’t work nationally,” Lantrip explained. “Southern Company has the resources and the potential to play a key role in the electrification of transportation in America with the support of the environmental community and regulators.”</p>
<p>Southern Company representatives from environmental affairs, research and development and energy policy also attended the forum and discussed building awareness, serving economically disadvantaged communities, developing national policy opportunities and more topics critical to the progression of ET.</p>
<p>Conversation bustled with stakeholders sharing success stories, challenges and reiterating the need to move with speed.</p>
<p>“The Department of Energy is projecting 225,000 plug-in electric vehicles in the Atlanta Metro area alone by 2030,” Stephanie Stuckey, chief resilience officer for the City of Atlanta, said. “ET saves taxpayers money, creates jobs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions – we fully support it.”</p>
<p>Southern Company is actively involved in the research and development of on-road and off-road electric vehicles and equipment. ET can make lives better for the people and benefit the communities we serve, and we are committed to doing our part in moving the ball forward.</p>
<p>2018 Electric Transportation Meeting participants included:</p>
<li>Alliance for Transportation Electrification</li>
<li>Center for Climate and Energy Solutions</li>
<li>City of Atlanta</li>
<li>Energy Foundation</li>
<li>Natural Resource Defense Council</li>
<li>Plug in America</li>
<li>Sierra Club (Georgia Chapter)</li>
<li>Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance</li>
<li>Southern Alliance for Clean Energy</li>
<li>State of Georgia</li>
<li>University of Maryland</li>